River Stalker Nets

I'm a 3rd generation woodworker/home remodeler. I grew up on jobsites, and in wood shops. River Stalker Nets began with the idea that I wanted a custom net, something that fit me, had character, and didn't feel cold. I wanted something lite, yet tough. So naturally, I started doing research and went right to work. After some experimentation along with a little trial and error I found something that worked perfect, and looked amazing. Every net is handmade, and the wood is handpicked by myself. I steam bend the wood strips much like how the build wooden ships. The strips are then glued together and clamped into a jig and allowed to dry for a full 24 hours. Once that's complete, the real work begins. From using machinery to hand-tools, each net is shaped and handcrafted. After what seems to be endless sanding, then 9 coats of finish are applied and sanded between each coat. Once that's complete the "ghost-style" net bag is sewed onto the frame with dacron line. Annnd…. Just like that one net is complete. Then the process starts all over. The standard nets are a solid Cherry handle with a Walnut hoop. But if you dream it I can make it. I make one off customs, with all types of woods. Domestic and imports. you'll see time to time some one off customs pop up for sale. But if you have an idea in mind, lets collaborate on one and make it a reality.

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